Bio-Detoxing Neck Rejuvenist


Potent healing neck product rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-aging formula, it fights against silent inflammation in neck area, promotes metabolism and removes metabolic toxins to reduce swollen lymph glands. The patented peptides boost collagen, eliminate wrinkles and stop sagging while refining formula helps moisture and nourish the fragile neck skin

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Volume: 50ml

Anti-Inflammatory, Fights Against Aging Neck
Detoxes Lymph Node and Boosts Immune System
Eliminates Wrinkles and Smooth Neck Skin
Stimulates Collagen Production, Improves Elasticity
Moisturizes and Nourishes, Improves Skin’s Natural Defence
Promotes Metabolism and Restores Younger-Looking Neck

Decapeptide-2, SYN®-TC, Glaucine, Beta Fructan, Dextran Sulphate