Cell-Reborn Element

100% Aloe-based and 100% Pure Rose Extract, with dedicated and active ingredients, it activates cell regeneration, cell energy transformation and collagen production, protects skin against pollution, heals and balances the irritated epidermis, truly restore your skin. Continuing use will definitely improve the dull and tired skin to bring out the natural skin radiance.

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Volume: 50ml

Decomposes Heavy Metal and Accumulated Toxins
Activates Cell Regeneration, Energy Transformation and Collagen Production
Replenishes Nutrition for the Skin Cells and Boosts Cell Immune System
Improves the Dull and Tired Skin to Bring Out the Natural Skin Radiance
Anti-Oxidation and Repairs DNA Damage to Fight Against Premature Skin

100% Pure Rose Extract, SYN®-TC, Resveratrol, Poria cocos, Colostrum