IntraSoluble Energizing Oil

A new high-tech water-soluble intensive oil consisting 99% of extremely essential oils. It stimulates metabolism, restores hormone and lipid balances, repairs cell membrane and relieves sensitive and eczema skin. The grapeseed oil and jojoba oil also help to anti skin oxidation. Yellowish gel texture but feels oily, changed to creamy and soothing texture after follow with Hyaluronic OxySerum.

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Volume: 1 SET

Promotes Metabolism and Strengthens Immunity
Restores Lipid Balance and Reconstitutes the Cutaneous Barrier
Balances Hormones and Improves Skin Texture and Complexion
Relieves Redness, Irritation and Eczema Skin
Enhances Skin Elasticity and Reduces Finelines

Sweet almond oil, Evening primrose oil, Calendula oil, Grapeseed oil