Lemon Hydrosol Intense

Produced by the steam distillation of lemons, 100% natural and pure, this highly versatile hydrosol fortified with patented skin brightening agent can be used to treat several skin problems. Acts as a great toner and cleanser with cleansing, refreshing, brightening, soothing and curing properties. It helps treat greasy, acne-prone and dull skin complexion.

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Volume: 120ml

Mild formula for all skin types
Act as great toner and cleanser
Brighten and even out skin complexion
Improve oily and acne-prone skin
Moisturize and repair, soothe irritated and itchy skin
Antioxidant and promotes circulation, improves overall skin texture

Lemon Hydrosol, BRIGHLETTE™, Sodium Hyaluronate

How to Use:
After cleansing and toning, spray over the entire cleansed face and neck area, and add your serum and moisturizer afterward. This hydrosol intense can be used as natural mosquito repellent.