Super Skin Restore


Upgraded highly concentrated serum rich in Coenzyme Q10, SK-influx® V and Glycosaminoglycans is specially formulated to activate skin cells, enhance skin’s defense against age-related damage and aggressive environments. The potent anti-oxidant and anti-glycation activates help neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress, powerfully fight against premature aging. With advanced “P.A.T.” technology, it rapidly hydrates skin by delivering superior moisturizing benefits, reforms rough and dry skins with smoothness and suppleness, restores skin vitality and effectively restores the protective barrier function of skin.

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Volume: 30ml

Activate Cell Energy to Enhances Skin’s Defense Against Age-Related Damage
Neutralizes Free Radicals and Improves Oxidative Skin
Energizes and Hydrates Skin by Delivering Superior Moisturizing Benefits
Prevents Formation of Pigment and Whitens Skin
Reforms Rough and Dry Skin and Restores Skin Vitality

Coenzyme Q10, SK-influx® V, Soluble Elastin, Glycosaminoglycans