SYN®ROSA StemCell Intense

100% pure and natural product with wonderful sensation nourishment. Brighten skin and improve dullness and yellowness.The anti inflammation effect helps soothe skin irritation.The patented SYN®-TC and SYN®-HYCAN fight against premature ageing. Improve dry and tightness to enhance and comfort your make-up

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Volume: 120ml

Delivering Trace Element, Moisturizing and Nourishing
Brightens Skin and Reduces Pigments and Dullness
Relaxes Stressed and Anti Inflammation, Repairs Damaged Skin
Promotes Metabolism, Strengthens skin’s Resistance
Boosts Collagen Production, Firms and Lifts Sagging

Rose Otto Hydrosol, SYN®-TC, SYN®-HYCAN, RNA, Hydrolyzed Royal Jelly Protein